To assist and encourage students and families in the successful navigation of college, by developing an academic and social roadmap to ensure that student will become a successful member of the community.  The second purpose is to provide consulting services to college academic advisors which include: academic advising processes, advising materials, advisor workshops for training and create new effective advising tools to meet the changing demands in the field of academic advising.

What We Do

The collegiate process is stressful with limited amount of time to process information about college and/or services offered. Our services include assisting students and families through the process of choosing a college, navigating college, understanding the college culture, college study skills and the impact of college prep exams, AP and dual credit courses while in high school, choosing a college major, and creating a graduation plan of study for high school and college.

In addition, RM College Academic Consulting provides services to college academic advisors and academic advising departments in the areas of program review, conduct an on-site study of advising program, train advisors, review evaluation advising services, and facilitating a workshop or presenting at conferences. 

Meet Regina
Regina Middleton, M. S. & M.Ed.
President & Founder

Regina received a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master’s of Science from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.  She received a second Masters of Higher Education from University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.  Her majors were clothing and textiles and higher education.  Regina has served as an educator, workshop speaker, administrator and academic advisor for 20 years in various educational institutions throughout the eastern United States.


With more than 25 years’ experience, and serving 10,000 students in her career, Regina Middleton knows the keys to students success and the pitfalls that lead to failure.  She has an extensive background in higher education in advising students, parent communication and speaker at many advising conferences. Regina has established herself as an expert in the academic advising profession by her various presentations at advising conferences.  She knows what academic and social skills are needed to be successful while in high school and through college graduation. 


RM College Academic Consultant was founded on the premise of coaching parents to interact with their high school students in informal settings discussing the collegiate process.  Regina has worked for five post-secondary institutions across the Northeast in areas of academic advising, effective advising tools, study skills classes, teaching freshman orientation classes.

Regina is also available for speaking engagements, conference keynotes and presentations. Interested in hearing Regina speak? Here is a sample of her work from the University of Texas at Arlington Academic Advising Association Conference. Contact us to book Regina.

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