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For College Students
  • Provide educational guidance and assistance to college students by course planning, recommended courses, graduation plan and choosing a major.

  • College Graduation Plan

    • ​​​​Creating a four-year college graduation plan

    • Advising on course selection

  • ​Choosing a Major

    • Assisting students in choosing a major based on student interests and academic aptitude​

    • ​Providing helpful steps in choosing a major

    1. Find out who you are as a person must possess knowledge of self.

    2. What subjects interest you?

    3. Explore college majors through career assessments, college major websites, internships and general education classes.

    4. Choose one major and review the four year plan, college website and course catalog.

    5. Declare your major.

  • Study Skills & Time Management

    • Designing study skills modules to prepare for academic success.

    • Constructing a time management system to ensure balance of academic and social life while in college.