For High School Students

RM College Academic Consultant will assist high school students in making decisions to take AP and/or Dual Credit classes, high school academic graduation plan that we provide clients.  In addition, we offer guidance on how to apply to college and select the college that best fits student.

High School Courses & College Majors

Are you unsure of how AP and Dual Credit courses differ and how they can be used to help decide on a major? Here are a few resources to get you started and a sample graduation plan that we provide to clients. 

Applying to College

The college application process can be a stressful time and our services can assist students by providing a checklist for success to help prepare in admission process. 

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Application Form/Fees

High School Transcript

SAT, ACT, AP Test Scores

Letters of Recommendations from Teachers or Administrators

Essay - tell colleges about:

  • Your Strengths and Character

  • Future Career Goals

  • Extracurricular Activities, Academic Honors and Awards

Pro Tip: Stay organized and keep track of each college you are applying to.  Create file folders for each college and store ACT, SAT & AP Scores, high school transcript, code and applicable documents.

Finding your Fit

Now that you've submitted your application, understanding what each college offers and deciding which to choose is the hardest part. Here are some considerations as you explore your options:

Campus Size


Majors Offered


Student Activities 

Student Support Services