• Regina Middleton

Successful Strategies for College Freshmen

15 Characteristics of Successful College Students

What defines success in college?

Many would say it’s obtaining and maintaining a good grade point average, and others would say graduating from is success in itself.

I am glad to share with you some secrets to success I have witnessed from students over the years. Students who see the most success in college possess the following characteristics:

1. Grades are the #1 priority and matter to them the most.

2. Very focused and goal oriented.

3. A passion for pursuing goals of finishing college and obtaining a degree.

4. They don’t allow distractions to deter them for their destiny.

5. They have learned to say no.

6. Seek out help when needed and when not needed.

7. Strive to always do their best.

8. They care about attending classes regularly and learning the subject material.

9. Use a calendar and To-do lists to stay organized.

10. They meet with their professors for clarity on assignments and test preparation.

11. Their study environment has limited distractions.

12. They sometimes forgo the social scene because they realize what is at stake.

13. In college to fulfill their purpose and realize that a college degree is part of the steps to their destiny.

14. They discover who they truly are as a person and begin to embrace it.

15. Willing to make sacrifices to be successful.

These are just a few characteristics that I have seen with successful students. While there are many more, these stand out to the most. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams because you are put here on earth to pursue the destiny designed for you. Don’t try to walk in someone else’s shoes.

Be yourself because only you can be the best you. I promise if you do that then success will follow you and your life will be fulfilled because you are doing what you are gifted to do.

How many of the above characteristics does your student possess? If you see any areas for growth, let’s talk about I can help!

How many characteristics does your student have to be successful? If you think they could benefit from academic advising and want to get a head start before class registration opens, let’s chat!

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Regina Middleton, M.S. M.Ed.

RM Academic College Consultant