Planning for your child's educational future can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Their talent and intelligence will take them only so far, but how do you help them plan and navigate choosing a college and ensure their academics will align with their future professional goals?


There are many variables to consider when discussing college, so we offer consultation with both parents and students to determine educational needs in high school or college, which include academic goals, choosing a college that best fit student, and potential college majors to meet career goals.

Services Offered

•    Providing guidance to parents and students on academic standards for colleges, high school college level courses, college course planning, study skills, time management, selecting a college to attend, creating a graduation plan, choosing a major and the know-how on navigating college that will lead your student to success.
•    Focusing on college course selections, subject interests and potential majors connected to coursework.
•    Choosing a major based on student interests and academic aptitude.  
•    Creating a two-year or four-year college graduation plan for student.
•    College study skills and tools to help better prepare students.
•    Constructing a time management system to ensure balance of academic and social life while in college.
•    Making referrals to college campus resources available to students.


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