Mrs. Middleton gave me the direction I needed during my sophomore year of college. Her knowledge and experience helped me choose a major that I enjoyed and excelled in. Thanks to her advice, I was able to complete my undergraduate degree and purse graduate school. 

-Charisma Alexander, Washburn University Alumna, Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

I had the honor and privilege of having Regina Middleton as my academic advisor while attending Oklahoma State University.


Mrs. Middleton is unique in her abilities by helping design and understand my specific course plan, motivating and instilling patience to guide me, and evaluating my progress throughout each semester. Though she dealt with many students within my specific college, she helped me understand the dynamic of building a stronger transcript as well as helping improve my academic and long-term success.


She is a proactive counselor that not only focuses on academic need but emotional as well. I know that she is capable of handling many different situations she has a unique gift and again I am honored to have shared my experience with her. 

-Karinne Sims, Oklahoma State University Alumna, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Sociology

I worked with Regina Middleton while she was an academic advisor at Oklahoma State University.


During that time, I saw how passionate she was while working with students from all backgrounds. Students flocked to her office to discuss academic, social, and personal issues. It was clear they felt comfortable with her and enjoyed her presence.


Students could always count on Mrs. Middleton to be honest, caring, and compassionate no matter the issue. She was an amazing advisor at Oklahoma State University.

-Courtney Webb, M.S., Academic Advisor II - College of Arts & Sciences, Student Success Center at Oklahoma State University

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